Our Partners


Indonesia Hydro Consult

  • Leading provider of hydro project solutions in Indonesia.
  • The fastest growing hydro engineering consulting service company.
  • Provide high quality on-site and remote consulting services for growing hydro developers nationwide and give them significant development benefit.

Saudi K-KEM

  • Saudi K-KEM Engineering Service Company is a leading Middle East industrial service provider, delivering technical assurance through non-destructive testing, inspection and asset management in oil, gas, petrochemical and power plant.
  • KKEM offer a combination of specialized solutions and traditional services during all stages.


ZSR Vortices Sdn Bhd

  • ZSR Vortices (ZSR) spearhead as EPCC player for E&I, Mechanical & Piping and C&S.
  • ZSR have build the strength and capability since 2011 and have become one the main players in oil and gas and petrochemical industry.
  • ZSR is licensed by PETRONAS to supply goods and services in the oil and gas industry for both upstream and downstream sector.
  • Agency and Products:
    1. Honeywell Detectors
    2. Siemens Products

RSI Integrated Sdn Bhd

  • RSI specialized in E&I packager, trading and system integrator for multiple products solutions.
  • RSI mission to break the chain cycle by engaging in agile method ofnew technology development, technology pilot projects and product development, Artificial Intelligence and IoT deployment to Industry as well as software and system development for industry.
  • RSI carried agencies and busness focus: 1.
    1. Weidmuller and IOT development
    2. Cavanagh Products
    3. AI and IOT design and build